15 nov. 2014

J't'emmène au vent

 Never been a great writer. Knowing glory comes through effort, I´ve always subordinated my luck to the desires of a whimsical muse that hides out my inmortality secret at a glass' bottom. However, realized early enough I´ve got nothing to offer to this wasps and bedbugs world but my naive curiosity and my outrageous literature. Therefore, if I find a shelter in this merchants hive, I believe trading with words would be the only way to shield it. Thus, selling my verbs and adding adjectives for free, I drew a journey out of written mercenary lies and vehement truths that not always found out how to remain.

One of those guileless truths makes me face again the blank page sadism tonight. Whether for purity or intensity, for selling it in advance or for honesty to my veins, I must carve it in this tiny nook so it will stay away from the relentless oblivion of a world made out of monotonous irrelevancies.

I was, as many of you, lost. Once you find out most important answers have a too high price, the only way to meet peace is running away looking for more affordable questions. Wandering around a banal dialogues and self-decried expectations skyline, I found her.

It´s kind of funny the arbitrariness luck uses to handle our desires because, as in most of the outstanding detections in a lifespan, she came up right across my path when sneaking through the way was the only one thing I was looking for.

It all started off following the regular parameters of a thousand-times-told story.

He meets her. She meets him.

Furtive gazes trigger an untatainable dormant spark, hidden underneath the armour, that flares up due to the proper blend of wild curiosity, inquisitives rubbings and spirits.

I didn´t need nothing but get warm, and she offered me nothing but heat, so I bought it. Two hearts 
meet up under a lonely dock's light and they promise each other they will burn strong enough that none of them will never have to worry about coldness again.

What firstly looked like a symbiotic agreement. germinated while willings emboldened and fears got undressed. The heat found a suitable scent to develop the perfect combustion, the pop of a flame where limits are set up by pulsations and the unfair's censorship tiranny becomes pointless.

My eyes begged with quiet screams for explanations to such and absurd reality and she had enough dreams and kisses to calm down my neurons. Thus you will understand why no rule mattered whether I hold her hips. I could care less about all the world's shame, lies and diseases if I woke up
beside her again.

To build up a home wasn´t such a big deal. The recidivist strokes and a indomitable eagerness were used as main foundations. Besides, we used the majestic rainforest and the solemn North Pacific orange sunsets to balance the lack of money. Forbidden pleasures and egregious promises riveted the last details of a shelter where, away from mediocres disbelieves, we watched the sky fall and swore each other we´ll let the heart take control back over the head.

And there, together, safe from their artificial traps, cuddling, we began to understand this world. We saw how the lack of answers can only be balanced by asking new questions, we learnt the most luxurious privileges are found underneath the clothes and we checked out the best of moving starts off once you step out of the designed path.

I showed her how rules made by anyone else are meaningless, if we said so. She taught me there will never be a reason worth enough to remove the warmest smile. Facing the ocean's horizon, using the stars as lonely witnesses, we decided no one but our indomitable souls would ever set our limits.

After almost one year.fortune's whim has turn into a need. Having her around is now a must. Not for survival or suitability, but for the incorrigible addiction to those delights that have been forsaken over normality's edge. It´s a matter of loyalty, to my heart, eyes and balls. At this point, all I can do is follow her beyond any border to bring her the storm, the waves and the wind that made us understand everything will be fine as long as we stay as happy and free as we were here. I have no idea  where are we going to end up, but that might be the best of it all.

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